Spring Mani with Julep Maven

A couple of months ago I signed up for Julep Maven. Once a month, for $20, I receive a box of nail polish/beauty products (either 2 nail polishes and a beauty product or 3 nail polishes). I’ve never done a subscription service like this before, but I’m really enjoying it!

Getting the package in the mail is a nice treat and I’m having fun playing around with the polishes. I used to paint my nails all the time but then I got out of the habit — this has inspired me to start doing my nails again! (Well, I’ve also been inspired by posts from other bloggers and pictures/tutorials I’ve come across on Pinterest.)

Recently, Julep offered a “Spring Mystery Box” – for $20, receive $60-$200 worth of polish & beauty products. I decided to spring for it (I swear that pun wasn’t intended when I started writing this sentence) and this is what I got:

Julep Maven Spring Mystery Box

Julep Maven Spring Mystery Box

I totally lucked out! Of course I had to try out my new polish, and I’m really happy with all of it.

Spring Manicure with Julep's Anne, Hayden, and Melissa polishes

Spring Manicure with Julep's Anne, Hayden, and Melissa polishes

I painted most of my nails using 2 coats of “Anne” (lightish/medium violet crème), and painted an accent nail on each hand using “Hayden” (peach crème). Then I added a coat of Melissa (opalescent shimmer), and topped my nails off with Julep’s Fast Dry Topcoat.

Spring Manicure with Julep's Anne, Hayden, and Melissa polishes

Spring Manicure with Julep's Anne, Hayden, and Melissa polishes

Also, I just discovered that if you sign up for Julep Maven and enter the code “PENNY”, you get your first box for $0.01. (At least for the time being!) So you can try it out for almost nothing, if you want. I definitely recommend it! I got my first box using a similar code and I figured I’d cancel afterwards, but I liked it so much that I kept the subscription. And it’s nice that Julep makes it easy to skip a month without completely canceling, if you want. (Or you can just outright cancel it.)

What do you think of subscription services? Is there one you love & would recommend? Or one to avoid?


14 thoughts on “Spring Mani with Julep Maven

  1. Lori says:

    Love the idea and that you can try it once for such a great deal (the coupon code you mentioned) will def be ordering one. That said generally I’m not into automatically billing monthly subscriptions… but it would be totally worth it if the polish holds on my nails! And the fact that you tried it and recommend it is totally a plus in its favor!


    • Yeah, I usually avoid these kinds of monthly subscriptions, but the other thing that convinced me was that my once-great nail polish collection had dwindled to a very sad state. Turns out that nail polish doesn’t really last for 5 years!

      Also, I’ve been happy with not just the colors, but how they go on & last.


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