Happy Halloween!

Things have been pretty crazy in San Francisco. I mean, things are always kinda crazy in San Francisco, but they’ve been more so with the Giants winning the World Series and all that jazz. (My husband, a lifelong Giants fan, has been walking on air these past few days.)

And, you know, there’s that whole Halloween thing.

On Saturday, friends hosted a Hallowine party… you know, where you dress up your wine bottle? Isn’t that what everyone does for Halloween? Anyway, it’s fun times. My entry was Audrey II.

Audrey II. Feed me!

(By the way, nail polish makes for an excellent hobby paint in a pinch. My collection of Julep nail colors sure came in handy for this project!)

But you know, you can’t have an Audrey II without an Audrey I:

Audrey I and Audrey II. (Photo by Pat Zimmerman.)

Okay, so that was Saturday. And today, on Halloween? Rocky and I did a little couples custom: he was Cry Baby and I was Wanda from that classic John Waters flick.

Wanda and Cry Baby.

(Oh, and if you haven’t seen Cry Baby, go fix that right now! Besides being a fine example of John Waters kitsch, Johnny Depp is the star. A young Johnny Depp. Yum!)

We joined other peeps at work who got dressed up, including Danielly, who came as one of the Wild Things…

Where the wild things are? Why, they're at ModCloth!

… and Anna and Ashley, who turned ModCloth and vintage dresses into Minnie Mouse costumes.

Anna and Ashley as Minnie and Minnie.

So how did you celebrate Halloween? Did you dress up? (Are there pics?) Do tell!

What I wore as Audrey:
Dress: Most Memorable Dress by Stop Staring!, via ModCloth
Cardigan: Grace via Ideeli

What I wore as Wanda:
Scarf: vintage
Top: Banana Republic
Belt: Calderon, vintage
Skirt: BCBGMAXAZRIA Scarlett Power Skirt in Black Combo

[All photos by me except where otherwise indicated.]

6 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. I’ve never been to a Hallowine party, but the idea is brilliant! Your Audrey 1 and Audrey 2 costumes are just too cute :) Although the Crybaby and Wanda look is pretty amazing, too! Happy belated Halloween!


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