Penguins and Polka Dots

Happy Black Friday! I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving – unless you don’t celebrate American Thanksgiving, in which case I hope you had a lovely Thursday. :)

Being in the retail world, I had to go into the office today – but with great coworkers it’s not so bad. That is, it wasn’t bad once I managed to drag myself out of bed – yesterday put me in a food coma!

I decided I wanted to wear something fun and COMFORTABLE today, so I grabbed my white polka dot skirt (an old standby) and paired it with this sweet Sugarhill Boutique penguin sweater with a Peter Pan collar. (To be honest, I hadn’t planned on taking outfit photos, but then I ran into a couple of coworkers who were off to take outfit pics for ModCloth’s new Style Gallery, and they invited me to join them.)

Penguins and polka dots, taken in ModCloth's aptly named Concord conference room. (Photo by Jenna.)

Penguins and polka dots, taken in ModCloth’s aptly named Concord conference room. (Photo by Jenna.)

So what were you up to yesterday and today?

Top: In It to Penguin It Sweater, Sugarhill Boutique via ModCloth
Skirt: modified from a ModCloth dress
Earrings: Quote Couture Earrings via ModCloth
Shoes: Adventure Capitol Heel, J Shoes via ModCloth

[Photo by the lovely Jenna Winn]

6 thoughts on “Penguins and Polka Dots

  1. i miss working for places with fun conference rooms like that – one place i worked had the conference rooms done by what section of company the floor was – example, the beauty floor (people who worked on beauty products) had conference rooms named things like rouge and had a very spa like feel. and how fun to take outfit photos at work! i love that sweater on you – it’s too adorable. i love penguins too!

    <3 katherineof corgis and cocktails // shabby apple gift card giveaway!


  2. Love this Kate! Really adorable. I love these quirky kind or sweaters and pairing it with the polka dots is great. Dot’s never do ya wrong hehe.

    I was at work too mehhhh, Actually It’s a normal work week for me. Airlines don’t have “holidays” so I’m back tomorrow as well. Maybe if I wore your cute outfit I’d be happier about it?



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