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kate a la mode Hi there! I’m Kate, a researcher / analyst / creative thinker who adores vintage fashion – particularly from the 40s, 50s, and 60s. I worked at ModCloth for nearly 5 years, where I happily built up quite the collection of quirky and retro cloths (thank you, employee discount!). Now I work at SmugMug, where I combine a love of photography with my passion for research & analysis.

I’m originally from Philadelphia, but have lived in central New Jersey, Paris, and Pittsburgh, and now call San Francisco my home. I’m a city girl at heart, but I love traveling and am happy to relax at the beach or in the countryside when I’m not visiting other cities.

kate à la mode started out as a personal style blog, with other lifestyle tidbits sprinkled in. Some posts feature my photography, recipes I’ve tried out, cocktail concoctions – and whatever else caught my fancy! From time to time my dogs have made an appearance: Rocky, a Boston Terrier, and Jasper, a Poogle (Poodle/Beagle mix).

Questions? Comments? Brilliant insights? Email me at kate@katealamode.com!

My Style: A combination of mid-century vintage, lots of color, modern touches, and hints of whimsy. I love a-line and fit-and-flare dresses and skirts, retro heels, and mixing-and-matching bright hues. I’m tall (5’10”) with a curvy/hourglass body, and I focus on clothes that accentuate & flatter my shape. In general, I feel far more comfortable in a dress or skirt than in pants or shorts. Overdressed? No such thing!

Social Media Madness! You can find me on Twitter, SmugMugInstagram, and Pinterest. And of course, email: kate@katealamode.com.

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