Pushing Boundaries

Sometimes, you just gotta step outside your comfort zone.

The outfit in question.

I always wear a-line or full skirts. Always. That’s been the case since… early college. Or maybe high school. It’s partially a practical choice: with straight skirts, if they fit in the hips they’re far too big in the waist, and if they fit my waist – well, they’ll never go over my hips. And it’s a comfort choice. And frankly, fit-and-flare shapes are super-flattering on tons of body types, including mine.

But I’ve been reading other personal style blogs and getting inspired to try something new. Recently, this post on The Hourglass and this post on Girl with Curves inspired me to try something a little more body conscious.

And guess what?

I kinda love it.

(I kinda love it.)

And with a skirt like this one by BCBG, fantastic heels are required.

D'Orsay at the d'Orsay Heel by Re-Mix, via ModCloth

The whole shebang.

A little outside of my comfort zone?


But life’s more fun when you push boundaries!

D’Orsay at the d’Orsay Heels by Re-Mix.

Skirt: BCBGMAXAZRIA Scarlett Power Skirt in Black Combo
Top: Sheer Perfection Top, Knitted Dove via ModCloth
Shoes: D’Orsay at the d’Orsay Heel, Re-Mix via ModCloth
Purse: Cole Haan Valise Archer leather satchel via Rue La La

Photos by Santina of Style by Santina


In which our heroine learns she *must* start a blog

Santina – a friend from work and the lovely blogger of Style by Santina – invited a couple of us out to “Holiday Big Shot,” a cocktail party at Photobooth, hosted by Mira Mira and Rue Mag. It was after work and involved dressing up & free cocktails (from ORO Pisco), so of course I went. It wasn’t so much about the free cocktails as it was about dressing up. For reals.

Santina & Kate

With Santina

Santina and I both chose dresses that we could wear in the office (of course, where we work, I’ve seen people wear formal gowns…) but could still be considered holiday glam. Frances, a friend from work who joined us, absconded to the restroom after work to change from day to dangerous. (Although she totally could have worn her dress during the day – and it’s my goal this year to encourage her to dress a little more fabulously around the office!)

Frances, Santina, & Kate

With Frances and Santina

Sequins were THE THING to wear at the party, and I absolutely fell in love with one skirt in particular, worn by Angie of The Hotness Your Momma Warned You About. You know when you decide you absolutely MUST have something, and everywhere you look you’re searching for something to satisfy your craving? That’s how I feel about Angie’s emerald green sequin skirt. I don’t think I could quite pull off her skirt, since pencil skirts generally are a disaster on me (if they fit my waist they’ll never get over my hips, and if they fit my hips they’re like a sack around my waist – hardly the most flattering look!). BUT I have decided that somehow I will buy or MAKE a green sequin a-line skirt. If I succeed you will be the first to know!

Angie of The Hotness Your Momma Warned You About, wearing a green sequin Asos pencil skirt. Photo by Kurt Manley.

Angie of The Hotness Your Momma Warned You About, wearing a green sequin Asos pencil skirt. Photo by Kurt Manley: http://www.kurtmanley.com/.

The place was packed with bloggers – and it was the first party I’ve been to where everyone’s first question was, “What’s your blog?,” rather than “What do you do?”

Packed with bloggers! (Photo by @shootrr_tpk)

Packed with bloggers! Photo by @shootrr_tpk: http://popularjunk.tumblr.com/.

Alas, I had no blog – and somehow my data analyst business card just didn’t seem to be appropriate. So, spurred on by peer pressure, I opened a WordPress account, and here I am.


Dress: Starlet, Star Bright Dress by Mae, via ModCloth
Shoes: Veronica Heel by Seychelles, via ModCloth
Earrings: Magicicada Earrings by Erica Weiner, via ModCloth